[The Telegraph] Kim Jong-un’s midlife crisis: ‘He’s crying after drinking a lot’

16 Jan 2023

On January 18th, NKDB's Director of International Cooperation, Hanna Song, was interviewed by the Telegraph about changes under the Kim Jong Un regime. 

Hanna Song, from the Database Center for North Korean Human Rights in Seoul, said Kim’s youthful interest in technology is also a double-edged sword. He has to keep the younger, tech-savvy generation under control, through draconian laws and punishments for ‘anti-socialist behaviour’. In 2021, he unleashed a crackdown on ‘words, acts, hairstyle and attire of young people’ and a fresh ban on unsanctioned videos, broadcasts and speaking in a ‘South Korean’ style. Radio possession risks years in prison, and access to the open internet is blocked, allowing only a heavily censored state intranet.

You can read the full article on the Telegraph by clicking HERE.

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