[La Nouvelle Tribune] « Maladie respiratoire » en Corée du Nord : Les autorités confinent Pyongyang

31 Jan 2023

On January 25, La Nouvelle Tribune, a daily newspaper in Benin, published an article regarding the recent lockdown in Pyongyang imposed by the North Korean authorities. The article quoted NKDB's latest report on Non-socialist Groups and their crackdowns in North Korea, illustrating examples of non-socialist behaviors and the level of punishment.

According to a report by the Database Center for North Korean Human Rights (NKDB) based in Seoul, the North Korean dictatorial regime intends to strengthen control of "Grouppa" or "Non-socialist Groups".

These groups aim to prosecute violations of communist ideology. According to the Center's report, those who indulge in acts such as "drug trafficking, smuggling and begging, absence from work, traffic violations, adultery, hair dying, religious practices and 'decadent culture,'" will be punished. "If you consume sexual media content in North Korea, you are either punished with a life sentence of 'reform through labor,'” or even executed by firing squad, the Center’s report added.

You can read the full article (in French) by clicking HERE.