[TDPel Media] Kim Jong Un’s new secret squad will shoot anyone watching porn

26 Jan 2023

TDPel Media reports on the North Korean regime's endeavor to eliminate foreign influences through the use of its secret surveillance organization called the 'Non-socialist Groups.' The Non-socialist Groups and their operation result in human rights violations including demotion at work, placement in a reeducation or labor camp, and even being shot by firing squad. In its article, the TDPel Media cites NKDB's latest report, North Korea's 'Non-socialist Group': Inspections, Crackdowns and Human Rights Violations in a Panoptic Society. 

According to a report by the Seoul-based Database Centre for North Korean Human Rights (NKDB), Kim is tightening his grip on the gruppa.

Citizens are prosecuted for offenses ranging from desertion, drug trafficking, smuggling, and begging to absenteeism, traffic violations, adultery, dying one’s hair, religious activities, and participation in “decadent culture,” which might include parties.

A testimonial featured in the paper stated, “It is worse than the Kim Jong-Il era.”

A greater number of barbed wire fences have been erected along the border. Additionally, there were orders to open fire on anyone crossing the border.

“I have heard of people being executed for disseminating impure cultural materials. One individual was executed for viewing pornography and engaging in prostitution at his residence after Kim Jong Un became office.

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