[Arirang Radio] Issue Now: The human rights of North Korean defectors pointed out in the U.S. Congress

5 Jul 2023

On June 29th, 2023, NKDB's Director of International Cooperation, Hanna Song, appeared in a special interview on Arirang Radio. Revisited in the interview was Director Song's testimony presented before the U.S. Congressional-Executive Committee on China hearing on June 13th, which highlighted the dire situation of North Korean escapees in China and called on Washington and the broader international community to prevent forced repatriation of North Korean refugees from China.

Song commented on various issues related to North Korean human rights, ranging from the difficulties North Korean people face due to border closures during the pandemic to the role the South Korean government and citizens can play in improving the human rights situation in North Korea. She also introduced NKDB's decades-long commitment to documenting human rights violations and supporting North Korean escapees resettled in South Korea.

Click HERE to listen to the full interview.