[NK News] Seoul court rules against North Korean defectors who accused spy agency of abuse

14 Oct 2022

On October 13th, Hanna Song, NKDB's Director of International Cooperation, appeared in an article on NK News regarding a recent Seoul High Court decision overturning a previous judgement that two North Korean defectors had been subject to harsh interrogation methods and unlawful detainment by the National Intelligence Service (NIS) after entering South Korea. Director Song noted that while she believes that the NIS should be involved in the resettlement process, human rights also need to be considered.

"The threat that comes from Pyongyang is very real," she said. "But from a human rights perspective, it's important that psychological counselors and other experts should be part of the process to ensure that the rights of North Koreans are protected before their status is decided."

You can read the full article on the NK News website by clicking HERE.