[NK News] Seoul to review support for North Korean defectors after woman’s lonely death

26 Oct 2022

On October 25th, following news of a North Korean escapee whose death was discovered months after her death, NK News reached out to NKDB to comment on the difficulties of resettlement in South Korea among North Korean escapees, and what changes need to be made to improve the situation. Seonhyeong Kim, a psychological counselor with NKDB's Resettlement Assistance Headquarters, explained that the North Korean escapees' loneliness manifests as a result of a number of different factors related to both their remaining ties in North Korea, as well as the difficult resettlement environment in South Korea.

"'There needs to be a clearer message that North Korean defectors are welcome in South Korea,' she said. 'North Korean defectors need to be able to feel that they can settle down and plant their roots in South Korea rather than feeling unwelcome and foreign.'"

You can read the full article on the NK News website by clicking HERE.