[CNN] They eat ice cream and read ‘Harry Potter,’ but these North Korean YouTubers aren’t what they seem

6 Feb 2023

On February 5th, Seong-Cheol Park, NKDB's Senior Researcher, appeared in a CNN article on North Korea's recent propaganda tactics using new media platforms, including YouTube and Weibo.

YuMi’s videos “look like a well-prepared play” scripted by the North Korean government, said Park Seong-cheol, a researcher at the Database Centre for North Korean Human Rights.


Park, the expert, says these representations aren’t 100% false – but they are extremely misleading, and do not represent normal life.


“North Korea is striving to emphasize that Pyongyang is an ‘ordinary city,’” Park said, adding that the leadership “is very interested in how the outside world views them.”

You can read the full article on the CNN website by clicking HERE.