[U.S. Department of State] 2021 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: North Korea

14 Apr 2022

On April 12, the United States State Department released its '2021 Country Report on Human Rights Reports: North Korea.' For another year, the US government has expressed concerns about the credible reports on major human rights violations being committed in North Korea without any credible steps to prosecute those officials who have committed such violations.

NKDB was referenced several times in the recently released report. In the report, NKDB, as well as many other organizations detailed the state of human rights when it comes to medical care, physical and sexual abuse, and many other areas of concern when it comes to human rights in North Korea. The report referred to NKDB's White Paper on North Korean Human Rights, as well as other special reports with details on the state of health and the practice of religion within North Korea.

You can read the entire report released by the United States State Department by clicking HERE.