[The Korea Herald] Hwang’s China and the World] Scoping out forced repatriation of North Korean fishermen from various angles

4 Aug 2022

On August 4, NKDB Chief Director Yeosang Yoon was prominently featured in the The Korea Herald as one of two interviewees in an in-depth discussion regarding the details and legalities surrounding the forced repatriation of two North Korean fishermen against their will to North Korea in 2019. Chief Director Yoon, as well as Gyeong-bin Ko, Director of The Peace Foundation research committee, discussed the issue in depth, and the ongoing steps to uncover the details of what transpired under the previous administration, as well as the implications of the recent push to establish the North Korean Human Rights Foundation.

"As the repatriation happened forcibly against North Korean defectors’ will, as they requested protection from the previous Korean government, this is an illegal action and a crime."

You can read the full article on the Korea Herald website HERE.