[U.S. Department of State] 2020 Report on International Religious Freedom: Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)

14 May 2021
On May 12, 2021, the US State Department released their annual Report on International Religious Freedom for 2020. NKDB is proud to have been referenced numerous times for our research and statistics on the status of religious freedom in North Korea, particularly regarding the ways in which the North Korean people are being punished or face consequences for practicing religion, including disappearance, injury, and even death. The report also referenced many of our statistics regarding the prevalence of religious freedom, the existence of underground churches, and the growing visibility of Bibles within the country.

Furthermore, the report also referred to our Summarized White Paper on Religious Freedom in North Korea with regards to the number and operation of religious facilities, specifically mentioning the fact that facilities such as Chilgol Church and Jangchung Cathedral are entirely state run, restricting use by private citizens.

You can read the full report by the State Department by visiting Here

You can also read our Summary White Paper on Religious Freedom in North Korea Here