Getting Involved


The Database Center for North Korean Human Rights (NKDB)

works with civil society to spur change

Get involved in NKDB's activities! 

- Register and attend NKDB’s North Korean Human Rights Academy (Semi-annual: Operating from March-June and September-December)

- Become an Intern at NKDB

- Attend seminars and events organized by NKDB 

- For inquiries on possible projects conducted with NKDB, contact

Share NKDB platforms with those around you!

- Learn about North Korean administrative districts and human rights in one place through the Visual Atlas, a map developed by NKDB that spatially outlines violations of human rights in North Korea 

- Through the NKHR Larchiveum, learn about cases, history, and activism as it pertains to North Korean human rights, and share it amongst your network!

NKDB is working to make information about the human rights conditions for North Korean people readily accessible to civil society, and works to improve the situation by taking a bottom-up approach through people in both North and South Korea.

Getting involved

as a volunteer with NKDB

- Promote programs run by the NKDB Education Center for Korean Integration

- Collect data on North Korean human rights

- Support events hosted by NKDB

- Create content for promotional materials for NKDB

- Translate files on North Korean human rights and seminars

- Collect materials for the NKHR Larchiveum

Getting involved in NKDB’s internship program

- Recruitment schedule: Quarterly recruitment drives, announcement made one month prior to the start of the internship program (January, April, July, and October with additional recruitment as needed)

- Range of activities :

· Analyzing and recording human rights violations through collecting, investigating, analyzing, and entering documents pertaining to human rights violations

· Marketing: Planning  and promotion of North Korean human rights and the organization, content creation 

· Counseling and resettlement support: Supporting the resettlement, counseling, and general administrative tasks for victims of human rights violations in North Korea

· International Cooperation: Advocating North Korean human rights in the international community, North Korean human rights research (including translation), collaborating with international agencies, and international promotion of research results  

· Planning: Developing new projects