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The Database Center for North Korean Human Rights strives to be 100% funded by the public! Donate now and join the community of NKDB supporters! 

Donations can also be made by bank transfer from a Korean bank account using the information below:

Shinhan Bank

Account Number: 140-010-048898

Account Holder: (사) 북한인권정보센터 후원회

More information can be found on donations within Korea by clicking here.

One-Time Donation

Monthly Donations

Monthly Donations

Three special benefits for recurring donors
- Yearly shipments of the White Paper on North Korean Human Rights
- Advance invitations to seminars and workshops hosted by NKDB
- Attend Education Center for Korean Integration lectures at a member's rate

One-Time Donations

Did you recently learn about the Database Center for North Korean Human Rights?
Donate now to help us continue to document and preserve cases of North Korean Human Rights violations, provide resettlement assistance to North Korean escapees in South Korea, and carry out education programs for the South Korean public!

Database Center for North Korean Human Rights has been designated a public contribution target organization by the South Korean Minister of Economy and Finance. Article 24 of the Corporate Tax Act designates all money given to NKDB as charitable donations, enabling donors to receive tax benefits when filling their end of the year income tax returns. 

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NKDB Hall of Fame

As of October 2020

Hyeon-sik Shin, SBC

Jae-hwa Lee

Hyun-il Lee

KPX Foundation

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Seon-hwa Kim

Woong-ki Kim

Jung-tae Kim

Shin-ho Park

Jong-hoon Park

Ho-jin Park

(Jukcheon Co.)

Jai-chun Lee

Catholic Archdiocese of Seoul National Reconciliation Committee

Ki-won Park

Sunyeong Choi

Seok-gyu Hong

Kim & Chang


Sungjoo Foundation

Youngchang Publishing

Onnuri Church




Bonsu Cheon

Myeong-seob Han

Pionex Management Group

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