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The Visual Atlas is an online platform that visualizes and shares information and the locations where North Korean human rights violations take place through the use of satellite imagery. NKDB built the Visual Atlas in order to increase accessibility and utility of data regarding surveys and research on North Korean human rights. 

Based on the accumulated information on North Korean human rights systematically gathered by NKDB, the Visual Atlas shares detailed information about cases and locations where human rights violations take place to assist as many people as possible to gain a greater understanding of the human rights situation in North Korea. Everyone that uses the Visual Atlas will gain more information regarding North Korean human rights, and how we can create opportunities to take steps toward improving the human rights situation in North Korea. The Visual Atlas is regularly updated to provide as much information as we can regarding human rights violations that are taking place in North Korea. All information contained in the Visual Atlas is shared with users based on the strict principle of protecting the victims and information providers.


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