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The Visual Atlas is an online platform that visualizes and shares information and the locations where North Korean human rights violations take place through the use of satellite imagery. NKDB created the Visual Atlas to increase public access and utility of data regarding research on North Korean human rights. 

Utilizing the accumulated information on North Korean human rights gathered by NKDB in the Unified Human Rights Database, the Visual Atlas displays detailed information about cases and locations where human rights violations take place to help people across the world gain a greater understanding of the human rights situation in North Korea. All those that use the Visual Atlas are able to gain more information regarding the situation of North Korean human rights, and how we can create opportunities to move toward improving the human rights situation in North Korea. The Visual Atlas is regularly updated to provide as much updated information as possible regarding human rights violations that are take place in North Korea. All information contained in the Visual Atlas is shared with users based on NKDB's foundational first principle of protecting victims and information providers from secondary human rights damage to them or their loved ones.